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Interesting links

On this page you will find several links to interesting websites which we like to share with you.

The Singing Tower
The Singing Tower is both visual art as a particularly musicalinstrumentThe tower was created according to a visual art project at the Campus Culture Vleuterweide in Leidsche Rijn (Utrecht – The Netherlands)

Klokkengieterij Eijsbouts 
Klokkengieterij Eijsbouts (full name: Koninklijke Eijsbouts Klokkengieterij en Fabriek van Torenuurwerken b.v.) is a bell- and clockfactory in Asten (The Netherlands). 

Beiaardschool Amersfoort
The Dutch Carillon School was founded in 1953 in AmersfoortSince its inception in 1953, more than 250 students have studied herethe half from overseasThey are responsible for the vast majority of the 182 carillons in the Netherlands, and have functions in many other parts of the worldIt is the only place in the world where the Carillon course is given at the highest level, Master of Music.

Beiaardschool Mechelen
The Royal Carillon School, International Institute of Arts Carillonis a part of the Part-time artistic education (DKO) with a specialized curriculumThe school, in the city of Mechelen (Belgium), is the driving force for the global carillon culture and various collaborations

Museum für Zeit Rockenhausen
Have time for the time Under this motto we find the approach and background which has led to the establishment and further development of the Museum of Time  in addition to the restoration and preservation of old-time instruments. Wethe Friends want to make through our museum visitors aware of time.