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Linear standard

A linear keyboard is a keyboard where the manual keys are placed in a line (similar to a piano keyboard). The chromatic tones are raised in relation to the manual front. This enables the distance between the diatonic and chromatic keys to be 30 mm less.

The keyboard is built using the standard European size format. The sides are made of solid ash wood and support stainless steel manual and pedal frames. The manual keys have a so-called weighted and balanced suspension which allows for a perfect “beiaardtouché”(carillon touch). The sound bars (aluminum/brass) are enhanced with multiple resonators.

The hammers are equipped with piano heads which results in a clear tone thereby reducing additional mechanical noises. In addition, trouble-free low tremolo playing is possible on this keyboard. The Clavion is ideally suited as a practice (room) carillon and can also be used as a stand-alone concert instrument.


  • Standard: Lineair
  • Position: (C1 pedal under C2 manual)
  • Pitch range manual: Bes°, c’, d’, chromatic d””’
  • Pitch range pedal: Bes°, c’, d’, chromatic d””’. (G°, gis’’, a’’ option)
  • Dimensions: length 1.565 mm, height 1.125 mm, width 670 mm
  • Distance upper-lowerkey manual 70 mm
  • Distance from manual en pedal: 770 mm
  • Distance from manualkeys is 46 mm
  • Distance from pedalkeys is 42,5 mm (concave – radial)
  • Weight approx. 100 kg.
  • Bench: is adjustable in height.
  • other options available upon request >