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European standard

This keyboard has a standard European size. The solid ash wood sidepanels are carrying the manual and pedal frames, made out of stainless steel. The manual keys have a so-called weighted balance suspension” made for a perfect beiaardtouché.

The sound bars (aluminum/brass) are enhanced by multiple resonators. The hammers are equipped with piano heads which results in a clear tone. All the mechanical noises are reduced. Playing low tremolo on this keyboard is no problem. This Clavion is ideally suited as a study (room) carillon and also often used as an independent concert instrument.


  • Standard: European
  • Position: (C1 pedal under C2 manual)
  • Pitch range manual: Bes°, c’, d’, chromatic d””’
  • Pitch range pedal: Bes°, c’, d’, chromatic d””’. (G°, gis’’, a’’ option)
  • Dimensions: length 1.565 mm, height 1.225 mm, width 670 mm
  • Distance manual and pedal: 770 mm
  • Distance upper-lowerkey manual 100 mm
  • Distance manualkeys is 46 mm
  • Distance pedalkeys is 42,5 mm (straight line)
  • Weight approx. 120 kg.
  • Bench: is adjustable in height.
  • Also available with touch-sensitive key contacts and midi output
  • other options available upon request >