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Reinold van Zijl | Carillon- and studykeyboards

O.L. Vrouwetoren in Amersfoort

Born and raised in Amersfoort, she regularly climbed the O.L. Vrouwetoren in Amersfoort. Grandma, child of Albertus Smink, coppersmith in Krankeledenstraat, had grown up next to the tower. She accompanied the tower keeper every day to lift the heavy weights of the clock. Apparently she was able to convey her love for the famous carillon of the Hemony brothers there.

The beiaardschool

A study at the carillon training in Amersfoort followed. To avoid inconvenience, carillonneurs do not practice on the carillon in the tower but have their own study keyboard. That’s how I built my own keyboard. It was given the name Clavion. This did not go unnoticed and fellow students asked to build a similar instrument for them. Now, 40 years later, more than 200 carillonneurs play these instruments at home, in churches, music schools and conservatories throughout Europe, America and Japan.

Ridderorde Nederlandse Leeuw

In 2020, I received the Ridderorde Nederlandse Leeuw in the context of an important export product. In the video on the right you can see the registration of this.