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Clavion for Frances Newell

In January 2015 we delivered the Clavion (HD) for Frances Newell, Hobe Sound, Florida (USA). Reach: G –Bes – c – d – chrom. d6. Tone: electronic / touch-sensitivity midi. Watch the video

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Keyboard for Kalundborg (Denmark)

We are currently building a Clavion carillon practice keyboard for the Kalundborg Vor Frue Kirke (Denmark) which will be delivered in early July 2014. This keyboard will have a European standard and will contain 51 sound bars. The carillonneur will be Christian Fogh...

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Revision keyboard Beiaardschool Amersfoort

Restauration after problems with asbestos In 2012, a high concentration of asbestos was discovered at in the Carillon School in Amersfoort. Due to this, the building needed to be evacuated and all the carillon keyboards required to be professionally cleaned.  This...

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Linear Clavion, height-adjustable

Linear Clavion, in height-adjustable Reinold has developed a Clavion which is electrically adjustable in height, thereby making it especially suitable for children of 5/6 years. This feature makes it possible for young children to learn to play as it gives them good...

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Lineair Clavion for Dordrecht city hall

The municipality of Dordrecht has purchased the former French Paccard traveling carillon from the ARPAC foundation. This carillon has 50 bells based on c2 (g1, BES1, c2, d2, chrome -. C6) and will be placed in the tower of the Old Town Hall. The carillon will be used...

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